Singular Configuration

The CKEditor.Java backend provides 2 ways to overwrite properties used by the JavaScript frontend (the editor).

Defining the Configuration in-page

Each property can be set by #setProperty of codes.thischwa.ckeditor.CKEditor, which will pass-thru to the frontend. Disadvantage: These properties have to be defined in every page.


  CKEditor editor = new CKEditor(request, "field");
  editor.setProperty("uiColor", "#AADC6E");

Using a Custom Configuration File

This should be the preferred way to set global properties and can be done by #setProperty, as well.


  CKEditor editor = new CKEditor(request, "field");
  editor.setProperty("customConfig", "PathToYourConfig.js");

Using multiple Configuration Options

It isn't required to use only one of the configuration options described above. Just keep the loading order in mind:

  1. loading of the default configuration
  2. if a custom configuration file is used, this file is loaded and overwrites the defaults
  3. the page-in configuration overwrites the current configuration

More details about the configuration settings can be found at Configuration Loading Order in the official developers guide of the CKEditor.